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Hello, My name is Tara Barnes, and I am a Family Mediator. I am motivated to provide clients with fast and cost-effective Mediation Services. Skillfully trained in Family Mediation at York University, with a leadership background in Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Nursing, I use my experience of helping others in crisis situations overcome the challenges they are facing by facilitating structured conversations and providing creative and practical solutions. I understand that your time, money, and family matters are important. When couples fall in love and get married, no one tells them how to separate or divorce. Why would they? You don’t need that kind information when you are going to be married forever.

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why you should choose mediation

mediation is non ADVERSARIAL

Mediation is non adversarial. This means you have a professional with the knowledge and skill to help you come to an agreement on family matters and finances without the high drama and the high financial burden that comes with litigation.

Mediation is creative. Having a Mediator present to help families work through complicated parenting schedules can boast positive outcomes for parties that are struggling in negotiations. This is especially true if one or both parents are shift workers, travel for periods of time, or are deployed great distances.  Having access to creative options can reduce stress and conflict.

"you do not want to be in a position where a judge or arbitrator is making decisions about your future"

You do not want to be in a position where a judge or an arbitrator is making decisions about your future. You know what your family needs. Mediation empowers parties to stay in the “driver’s seat” with respect to negotiating and agreement on family matters.

Its fast. Unless there are emergent matters at hand, you could be waiting years to see your divorce finalized through litigation. Do you really want to be living with uncertainty and stress for such a long period of time? The sooner you come to a negotiated settlement the sooner the healing begins.

Mediators take the time to explain in detail what to expect before, during, and after a Mediation. You will be provided with resources to help prepare you for negotiations, referrals specific to your circumstances, and access to relevant community supports as required. No guesswork. No ambiguity. Clients are provided with a comprehensive breakdown of fees and services provided.



Very professional, knowledgeable and effective. Barnes Divorce & Family Mediation was the voice of reason & logic during such an emotional time.
- Kayla B
During this difficult time I had so many questions and needed some direction. I was able to have all my questions answered with her amazing knowledge and fairness. Thank you for making this situation a little bit less stressful.
- Sharon K


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